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Ice Dams on the roof

Ice dams on your roof, remove them or leave them? Continue reading

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Rain Chains! What is a rain chain and will they work for me? Scott at Dovetail Raingutter often meets with homeowners who are interested in rain chains. Rain chains are often seen as an alternative to traditional gutter  downspouts. But the question … Continue reading

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Snow guard or snow stops are installed on a buildings roof to prevent snow from sliding off the roof. We have seen instances where the snow has slid off the roof with such velocity that it pulled the gutter off … Continue reading

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Rain gutter leaks at wall how to repair

Direct water into gutters Q: I’ve noticed that the siding where the roof meets my house is rotted. The step flashing is installed properly, and the rest of the siding above that spot is in good condition. It’s clear that … Continue reading

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Ice Dams on your roof or frozen Gutters? Heat Cable in Bozeman, Montana

Roof Heating Cables  An ice dam is created when snow melts over a warm section of roof, flows down to the cold eave, refreezes and creates a blockage (or dam) which causes future melt runoff to pool and potentially work … Continue reading

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Leaking Raingutter

Take a look at your gutter and use our checklist. If your raingutter is dripping it could be caused by one of the items on our checklist. This should help you determine the best repair to attempt first. Sometimes the drip … Continue reading

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