Rain Collection Systems

Fountain Collector

Dovetail Raingutter is pleased to offer many styles of rain gutter barells.


  • Rotational molded construction for long lifespan
  • Heavy-duty and fade-resistant
  • Wood grain looks like an authentic oak barrel
  • Flat back sits flush to the wall for safety and style
  • Shut-off valve for hose hook-up, dual overflow, and spigot
  • Removable screen keeps out insects and debris

Fresh rain water can do wonders to nourish plants and reduce energy bills. The 50 Gallon Wood Grain Resin Flat Back Rain Barrel can help you save valuable water and money while adding rustic character to your home exterior. Although it looks like an authentic oak wood barrel from the Old West, this rain barrel is actually made from UV8-stabilized resin. This fade-resistant plastic material will never rot or become prey to insect infestations. The heavy-duty, rotational molded construction ensures a long lifespan.

Several key design features make this rain barrel easy to use. The barrel’s flat back sits flush against the wall, which decreases it’s footprint in your yard and makes it easier to trim surrounding grass. The removable screen on the top safeguards the quality of your stored water by keeping out insects, animals, and debris. This rain barrel can hold up to 50 gallons of water. To access the water, simply adjust the shut-off valves on the hose hook-up or spigot. Dual overflows release water in the event of over filling. Using a linking kit, you can connect this barrel to others like it to increase your water storage capacity. Link kit not included.

An Eco-friendly Practice: Using a rain barrel is one way you can become more environmentally conscious. Saving rain water reduces the amount of usable water you need, which decreases demand for treated water and saves you money. Because the rain barrel catches water that would normally flow to the ground, it also helps the environment by reducing runoff waste water. Storing rain water can also supply you with an alternative water source during dry weather spells. And to top it all off, rain water is healthier for plants than chemically treated tap water. What are you waiting for? Order a rain barrel today, and go green.

What’s Included:

Rain Barrel, Spigot, Screen

What’s Not Included:

Linking Kit, Hose

Shipping Restrictions:

Only ships in contiguous USA.

Dimensions & Specifications


24L x 19W x 36H inches


UV8 Stabilized Resin


Flat Back , Wood Grain


Weight (lbs.)


Call or email now to recieve our spring promotion pricing !



email dovetail@wispwest.net

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